Redefining the Role of FAO Specialist: A Comprehensive Job Description

 Redefining the Role of FAO Specialist: A Comprehensive Job Description

Job Description:

As a Specialist at FAO, your primary responsibility is to serve as the central liaison for the PSA system, delivering both functional and second-level technical support as required. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams spanning business, IT, and project management, you'll be instrumental in delineating requirements and crafting designs for business capabilities that seamlessly align with Red Hat's services business and technology objectives.

Your role extends to deciphering the intricate interplay between data and operational processes, thereby offering invaluable insights for enhancement and devising solutions for intricate challenges. Employing Agile Scrum methodologies, you'll meticulously create and uphold documentation for pivotal artifacts, processes, and system functionalities.

Innovation is at the core of your responsibilities. You'll be tasked with conceptualizing, executing, and integrating software modifications and enhancements, along with incorporating new applications into Red Hat's existing PSA platform. Additionally, you'll delineate technical requirements for developers, ensuring that the resultant solutions impeccably cater to customer business needs.

Communication is key. You'll adeptly articulate the business ramifications of system and data alterations to stakeholders, fostering transparency and alignment throughout the process. Furthermore, you'll actively contribute to the analysis, testing, and deployment of changes within PSA and third-party integrated systems.

Your expertise extends to aiding business analysts in crafting scripts for user acceptance testing (UAT), facilitating a seamless validation process. Collaborating with the internal training division, you'll ensure that new functionalities are comprehensively documented and seamlessly integrated into training materials.

Project management is integral to your role. You'll proficiently initiate, plan, execute, and conclude all project deliverables within the stipulated timelines, ensuring seamless project execution.

Staying abreast of the latest PSA release features and functionalities is imperative. You'll continually monitor developments, offering recommendations for process enhancements and assessing their compatibility and adaptability to existing client PSA implementations.

Key Skills and Knowledge:

Your success in this role hinges on your adept interpersonal and collaboration skills, enabling effective cross-functional cooperation. Exceptional written, verbal communication, and presentation abilities are crucial for conveying complex concepts clearly and concisely.

Previous consulting experience or exposure to consulting environments is highly advantageous, enriching your perspective and approach.

Demonstrable hands-on experience in executing large-scale, global implementations leveraging Salesforce is essential. Proficiency in Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Communities, or Salesforce Custom Cloud is highly desirable.

A Bachelor's degree in information systems or equivalent business experience serves as a strong foundation for this role. Possession of Salesforce Administrator Certification is preferred, underscoring your proficiency in the Salesforce ecosystem.

You bring to the table a wealth of experience, with over three years of Salesforce configuration and administration expertise, coupled with a similar duration in a business systems analyst role or equivalent, focusing on complex application development projects.

Your familiarity with Agile methodologies and experience working within IT Agile teams further augments your suitability for this position.

Lastly, your extensive background in customer support for accounting platforms (ERP Functional Support) at L1/L2 levels, particularly with significant exposure to international clients, preferably in the US, positions you as an ideal candidate for this role.

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