Naukri app profile update tips and tricks

Naukri app profile update tips and tricks

Hi friends in this post i am going to share you how to update your naukri profile in NAUKRI.COM website  & as well as in  NAUKRI APP.

The tips & tricks i am sharing are same for & naukri app profile update.

Here are the Tips:

Tip No 1: Update an ATTRACTIVE profile photo.

 While hunting Profiles or resumes, recruiter first look  towards the profile picture.
 1. Photo should be decent
 2. Candidate in photo shouldn't be over dressed
 3. Don't use sunglasses in photo
 4. It shouldn't be a selfie photo

Tip No 2: Update relevant KEY SKILLS 

 Recruiters search profiles by key skills.Hence key skills must be updated daily.
1. Key skills in your Resume &  Naukri app should be same & relevant.
2. Update your key skills daily basis. 

Naukri app Key Skill update Trick:

Here i am Sharing you the Trick:
1. Add your relevant key skill by typing & clicking suggested Key skill As shown in photo.
Naukri app tips

Hear is the trick that you have to update daily your key skills at the morning from 8:30 to 9:30

Naukri app trick

Naukri app trick

Recruiters search and shortlist  the profiles based on key skill updating on regular basis.

Once you update the key skills & save them & update your profile. Then your profile is updated in your profile will come on top of updated profiles & your profile will get maximum chances of getting shortlisted by recruiters.

This trick i personally did & got calls from

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