Quality Engineer Interview questions & answers

Quality Engineer interview questions and answers

§What is quality?§When quality came into existence ?
§Where quality is needed?§Why quality is needed ?§Who is responsible for quality?§How quality is achieved?


what is quality? 

§Many quality authors defined the meaning of quality
§Deming : Quality is defined from the customer`s point of view anything that enhance the customer satisfaction is quality.
§ Juran : fit for use. Products or services those meets customer need & satisfaction.
§General definition: Customer satisfaction at minimum cost is called Quality.

Defenation of quality
When quality came into existence?

.Quality in the industrial revolution.

.The picture of quality came into existence in
Great Britain in mid of 1750 & grew into the industrial revolution in the early 1800s

.Factories  stared with product inspection.

when quality come into existance

Where quality is needed?
Quality is need for every business.
Business may be any type Product based company or service based company.
With in the organization quality is needed in process ,product &people.

quality engineer
Why quality is needed?

.Customer comes for business & stays for quality.
 . Any kind of  industries it might be every one look for quality.
. If quality is not in your product or service you will not survive in this competitive market.
 .Hence Quality is needed.

quality needed

Who is responsible for quality?

Quality is everybody`s responsibility.
The product or service we provide should be meet the requirements that we stated or customer satisfaction.
Quality in any organization is assured by Quality department  

quality responsible

How quality is achieved?  

Quality is achieved through process improvement & many Quality techniques.
Those we will discuss in upcoming videos…………..

quality interview question
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